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"I have hugely enjoyed my time at Language Centre Idiomas. One of the best things about the Centre is the support network available to teachers. Everyone on the team has always been very approachable and happy to help with any problem or query. I’ve certainly benefited from sharing ideas with other teachers.

I’ve  also greatly benefited from the teacher training development seminars that we have had the option of attending, and feel that, over the year, I’ve accumulated a number of techniques and activities to improve my teaching in  class". Imogen Arkwright. London. Great Britain.


"One of the highlights of LCI is its closeness to both students and families.LCI really  cares about its students. One of the main reasons why people come to Language Centre is because of recommendation from other students, which shows that work is being well done in many ways. The atmosphere in the centre fosters students´ learning process and I feel privileged to have had  the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with both peers and Carmen, in whom I can trust to ask for  advice or help". Andrea Olegario. Valencia..


"I find  the fact that Language Centre hires native and non-native teachers very  enriching . They are all highly qualified and both parties can benefit from the experience". Aurora Atienza. Valencia.


"During my time at  Language Centre , there was a very professional and yet collaborative environment. If we ever had an issue with a student, or students, the director  would always be there to listen, and provide advice on how to engage the student.

My overall experience at the Language Centre was candid. It’s evident that this school genuinely cares about its students as well and its teachers. Thank you for a wonderful time!". Alyssa Johnson. California. USA


"Cuando  viene a mi  mente mi paso por Language Centre. Idiomas tan solo recuerdo momentos agradables de enseñanza. Estuve ahí trabajando como profesor  la temporada 2004 a 2006 y luego un año más de 2007 a 2008. Ir a Alaquàs al centro situado junto al ayuntamiento, recorrer sus calles, encontrarme con la maravillosa gente del centro, con  formidables estudiantes con ganas de aprender, desde luego fue un momento dulce de mi vida. Algún día si puede ser y con mucho gusto, quizás, pueda volver a tener la oportunidad de trabajar con ese gran equipo nuevamente, que tanto echo de menos". Jose Valecillo. Paris. French Teacher.


"Los recursos y materiales didácticos siempre actualizados, tenía las indispensables biblias del saber que todo profesor de idiomas, puede requerir. Las condiciones siempre fueron idóneas para poder impartir unas clases en condiciones y asegurar una calidad optima. Marta Raucci. Milán. Italian Teacher.


"With my youngest students, I had to maintain a quick pace to keep the children entertained and engaged, whereas it was important for me to provide thoughtful and understandable explanations to the difficult English grammar and writing questions posed to me by my Advanced students. Although, in the end, overcoming these challenges are a large part of what made my experience at the Language Centre so rewarding.

Despite the structure that the curriculum provided, there was enough ‘room’ for me to incorporate my own games and activities, which I used to spice up the daily routine and to make the subject matter as fun and memorable as possible.

But my favorite part of working at the Language Centre was the community of teachers  as well as the students and their families.

I felt comfortable sharing any challenges or successes I faced in the classroom, and as a result, I was able to receive invaluable advice and feedback  on a daily basis. The monthly staff meetings also provided an opportunity for the teachers to share their experiences and learn from one another. Overall, my experience at the Language Centre was extremely positive, and I am certain that a school or learning centre as special as this one is a rarity". Anna Iuppa. San Francisco. California. USA.

"I worked at Language Centre Idiomas for 2 academic years, and really enjoyed my time at this school. It was very professional and well organised, which helped a lot when planning classes and I found it very reassuring to have that support and structure. I was a new teacher when I started and quickly settled into the role and grew in confidence there.
Other schools I worked at in Valencia did vary a lot, in terms of the transparency of payment, the resources, the level of organisation and the expectations, but I always felt very comfortable and confident with how everything was run at LCI.

On a different note, I lived in Valencia city centre and found the buses really quick, easy and frequent and so not at all a problem for my work in Alaquas. I would recommend Language Centre Idiomas to other teaches, and in fact did so while I was still in Valencia". Becky Green. Leeds. Great Britain.


"I had the pleasure of working at Language Centre Idiomas in 2010/11.  It was an exciting place to work for many reasons.  First of all, I loved the incorporation of technology in the classroom.  This is not something that I had experienced when teaching abroad in other schools.  The smart board made for fun, interactive learning which kept the students engaged and interested versus just using a standard text book and work book.  I always felt encouraged to create exciting lessons using the text books, the corresponding technology materials with the smart board, and using my own creativity to provide supplemental activities.  That is such a rewarding way to teach.

The staff was incredibly friendly and supportive.  The students were eager and skilled. Carmen promoted a positive learning environment for the students and a great atmosphere for the teachers to use their creativity within a well-organized and structured curriculum.  There is a heavy emphasis on assessment and feedback. Yes, it´s time-consuming, but so valuable for the parents and students in seeing the growth, as well as for the school to continue to provide the best language education for the students at their appropriate level.

I had a wonderful time working at the Language Centre Idiomas and would have continued to teach much longer had my situation allowed me to stay". Tim Marqette. Pittsburg. Philadephia. USA.


"Se trata de un centro de estudios muy bien reconocido en Alaquàs y las localidades cercanas.

Desde mi perspectiva como docente he de decir que los profesores son tratados con esa misma seriedad y el ambiente de trabajo es cordial, cálido y muy agradable.  Lo asegura una docente con una larguísima experiencia como profesora de academias y centros de estudios privados". Encarni Gallardo Valladolid. Valencia. Teacher of French.

"I did three years of teaching at Language Centre Idiomas and it was nothing but a full-on and well-organised teaching experience. We had some teachers´ meetings every now and then and they were of great help to deal with specific problems. I learn lots from them about what a teacher should aim at.

Much of what I know now about teaching sprang from my time under Carmen´s supervision. Sometimes she guided me, others she opened my eyes to some teaching matters. I can only say thanks 

Carmen is also a very sweet and flexible person, an excellent teacher and a close employer. I definitely enjoyed every bit of working for her". Antonio Córdoba. Manager Director at Linking English.


"I have worked as a native English teacher for the Language Centre in Alaquas, Valencia for a number of years now and can honestly say they are an excellent academy to work for. Many of the students have been attending the academy since they were 4 or 5 years old and have a good level of English, are well behaved, respectful, keen to learn and fun to teach.

The teachers are supportive of each other, the academy provides excellent materials for both teachers and students and the classrooms are well equipped with laptops, internet and digital white boards.We have a monthly teachers meeting to monitor our progress, swap ideas and discuss any problems we may have. We are also kept up to date with any new or interesting teaching developments and seminars that are on offer.

The fact that the Language Centre is a long established language academy, speaks for itself, but they also have a reputation for delivering high quality learning which I am proud to be a part of.  I would highly recommend this academy as a great place o work". Paula Harrison. Carshalton. GBR.